to Cheesology, your local mobile cheesemonger supporting small artisan cheese makers and delivering great cheese to your door (Brighton and Hove area only).

In addition to our cheese box delivery we also have regular market stalls and events.


Find us over the next few weeks at:

Florence Road Market, Brighton Saturday 14 July 9.00am – 1.30pm.

West Hoathly Food Festival Saturday 21 July, 12.oopm – 5.00pm.

Hassocks Farmers Market Saturday 28 July 9.00am – 12.30pm.


Handmade artisan cheese to your door


The Cheesology cheese box is


  • ideal for dinner parties

  • the perfect gift for foodie friends

  • a complete meal for 2 – just add bread, crackers, fruit, wine etc.

  • excellent for picnics


The idea for Cheesology came to me when I decided that I wanted to start a small business that would combine really high quality natural ingredients and British craftsmanship.

I love cheese despite being brought up on Dairylea ( I am a child of the 70’s after all).  I sent a friend a box of artisan cheese and discovered the fantastic range of handmade cheese being made in the British Isles. I was really surprised at how different this cheese was to the shrink wrapped, factory made supermarket stuff.

From then on I knew that my business would be cheese based. I didn’t want to open a shop (there are already plenty of shops selling cheese – some of it indifferent, some of it really good) and I also wanted people to try different cheeses – some unfamiliar ones that perhaps they wouldn’t ordinarily buy. A chance to get out of the “Camembert comfort zone” as I like to call it.

The concept of Cheesology is a simple one – a box of artisan cheese (sourced from the British Isles and much of it local Sussex cheese) delivered to your door or indeed a friends’ door if it is a gift. 

We also sell cheese at local Farmers Markets so go to the Cheesology Box tab and then to the Find us tab for more information.

In developing this business I have discovered some truly wonderful cheeses and amazing cheese makers and continue to do so. I feel passionate about supporting small farms and suppliers, particularly local ones and I want to share my enthusiasm and the sheer enjoyment of eating great cheese with my customers.

Cheesology is an extension of me.

Try saying Cheesology without smiling.

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The Cheese

An unpasteurised ewes milk cheese

Food Alchemy

Artisan cheese– this is cheese that is handmade 0n a small scale by small dairies and farms and not mass produced.  In most cases it is made from the milk of the cheese makers own herd (or indeed flock). Although supermarkets may claim that their cheese is farmhouse cheese it is often made in large factories with blended milk from various farms. All of our cheese is either locally sourced or from small British suppliers. We aim to keep our food miles as low as possible and for that reason we do not stock continental cheeses.

One of the most interesting things that I have discovered in my forays into the world of artisan cheese is how much variation there is in each style of cheese and where it is made (soil, climate etc) – something the French call “terroir”. Even different batches of the same cheese can vary tremendously depending on the time of year, what the animal has grazed on and whether it has been kept indoors or out, whether morning or evening milk is used, the weather, the particular airborne bacteria that are around at that time. The aging process (affinage) also has a tremendous bearing on how the cheese will turn out.

Just occasionally, something magical happens in the diary and a truly superb cheese is created (often by chance) and it is then down to the skill of the cheese maker to be able to repeat that process.

Creating handmade cheese is truly magical.

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The Cheesology Box

I have personally tasted and selected all of our cheeses.

Gourmet cheese direct to your door

Every cheese box you order will contain a specially chosen variety of 5 cheeses – typically a combination of cows’, goats’ and sheep’s (pasteurised and unpasteurised) for you to enjoy a balanced cheeseboard. You never know which cheeses you are going to receive – it will depend on seasonality and availability – but it will always be really high quality, at the peak of its condition (we always cut to order – our cheese is never pre-cut) and a perfectly balanced range

And as we change the selection regularly, it is also an opportunity for you to discover and taste some new ones.

We enclose tasting notes with every box. These will give you detailed information on each individual cheese.

Chessolgy Box with 5 artisan cheeses


Standard cheese box (approx 500 grams) £19.50

Double cheese box (approx 1kg) £38.00

Why not add some chutneys – all homemade by The Little Chutney Company, Brighton?

We will select them for you to compliment perfectly the range of cheeses in your Cheesology box. Jars are approximately 60 grams – the perfect size to enjoy with your cheese. We recommend 2 jars for the standard size cheese box and 4 jars for the double cheese box.

Price per jar – £2.00

All prices include tasting notes and delivery. You can pay cash on delivery. We also accept telephone payments of MasterCard, VISA or VISA DEBIT or via PayPal .



We only deliver within the Brighton and Hove area and need at least two working days notice for your order. Please let us know when and where (either to your home or place of work) and we will agree delivery arrangements. We can also make arrangements for you to collect from one of our market stalls if that is more convenient for you.


All our cheeses (apart from some very soft goats’ cheese) are wrapped in wax paper as this is the best way to store cheese, allowing it to breathe whilst staying moist.  All our packaging materials are recyclable.

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We also have a monthly cheese club – find out more in our Cheese Club section


Find us

We also have a regular market stall at Florence Road Farmers Market, Brighton and Steyning Farmers Market. Check out our welcome page for dates and times.

We have an excellent range of artisan cheeses, handmade crackers from The Fine Cheese Company and  The Little Chutney Co, Brighton supply us with a range of chutneys. We change our cheese selection weekly so why not come and meet us and try some?



All cheese is hand cut to order


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To place a cheese box order or for more information:

Telephone: 07950 217351


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Handmade recyclable cheese labels

Cheese Club

Love your cheese – then why not join the Cheesology cheese club?

Fowlers Sage Derby

Each month we will bring you a new selection of 5 cheeses (approx 1kg) from the British Isles, carefully selected for the season and in peak condition, plus 2 jars of handmade chutney from The Little Chutney Company in Brighton.

Choose from 3, 6 or 12 month options.

£40.00 per month including tasting notes and delivery (Brighton and Hove).

…and of course you can either enjoy the cheeses yourself or have them delivered as a gift.

Beautiful Welsh slate cheese board

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Just some of our favourite cheese people


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“I have purchased my cheese board through Cheesology a couple of times now and can thoroughly recommend them. If you’re into adventure and trying new kinds of cheese, all of which are full of flavour and ripe (unlike much of the cheese purchased in the local supermarkets) then you’ve got to give Cheesology a go. Sensibly priced too and the presentation is wonderful. I place each of the carefully boxed cheeses straight onto my cheese plate – they still look wonderful even when wrapped. All my guests have commented on how much they’ve enjoyed the cheese course – not sure what that says about my cooking….! Will be ordering again and again. Thank you Cheesology!”

Colston Bassett, Black Bomb, Double Gloucester, Olde Sussex, Sussex Slipcote


I wanted to say thank you for our amazing Christmas cheese selection which our whole family thoroughly enjoyed. I can’t sing Cheesologys praises enough; beautiful cheese, beautiful packaging, information (and witty!) tasting notes,impeccable customer service and the opportunity to support the UK local produce industry”.

“Cheesology is one of those rare finds that I’m delighted I’ve discovered. The cheese boxes are beautifully presented and make ideal gifts. However it’s unusual they get this far as the cheese inside (whatever it is that week) always taste so good!”

“A fantastic selection of cheeses is a given. The lovely packaging and tasting notes make a Cheesology delivery an event, and one that I try to repeat on a regular basis.”

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